Governing Council

A very active and involved Governing Council provides strong parental and community input into school governance and daily life. The group meets twice per term and it has key operating sub-committees to manage most of its business.
These include:

  • Finance
  • Fundraising
  • Grounds

The Governing Council is affiliated with the SA Association of State School Organizations (SAASSO).
If you would like to know more about Governing Councils and their role in schools, click here.

Parent Involvement
The parents of the school do a magnificent job in helping the school by: Fundraising, catering on Sports Day, assisting with lost property and general assistance throughout the school.
There is a strong bond between the school and the local community.
We are strongly supported by our community and, in return, our students participate in community events and support many local activities. This is a bond that the school values!

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